Why Morocco is a country of happy people?

Summer has gone away, but is there still a desire to visit new countries? With the help of this blog, you can make your route through the sunny country of Morocco, without detaching from the screen of your phone. The person I took the interview asked to remain anonymous, but despite on this my article will not become less interesting for you.

— Can you tell me about yourself and why do you dream of becoming a cybersecurity specialist?

— OK. So, I am from Morocco and I came to Ukraine last year, to study Ukrainian and Russian languages. My dream wasn`t to be involved in a cybersecurity, I dreamt to become a pilot. But things went out, so I changed to cybersecurity.

— As we speak about dreams, what is the biggest dream for Moroccans?

— To have a good government (laughing).

— It`s probably a dream for every citizen.

— Yes, but in my country we have sources. We have seas, many beaches, and the sea to hunt there. You know, we have the biggest tourism in the whole Africa. Some people call Morocco «the gate to Africa» because if you go to this country in the first time it`s better first to go to Morocco.

— What can you tell about the capital of Morocco — Casablanca?

— Well, you know, Casablanca is an official one, while Morocco has a lot of capitals. There is a capital for each specific area. Casablanca is the capital of economy, Rabat is the capital of politics and Tangier is the capital of tourism.

— What interesting I can find there as a tourist?


— Casablanca is the best and the worst place for tourists. Firstly, there is nothing to see there, just usual crowded city. I can say it is kind of African “New York”. There a lot of people and skyscrapers.

— Are there a lot of businessmen?

— Yes, if you want to start a business Casablanca is the best place to do it. If you start a project there — it`s going to be a success 100%. A lot of people means a lot of opportunities.

— Which profession is the most important for your country?

— I think it is tourism.

— What does your king mean for your country?

— He keeps the country stable. It used to be a revolution, so the king had to do something. He fired the whole government for making the country more successful. He actually does a lot for our country.

— What is the usual climate in Morocco?

— We have really beautiful tropical weather. To Kyiv, you have 4 seasons, but to Morocco, we have just two – summer and winter.

— If you had to measure the happiness in your country from 1 to 10, which mark would you put?

— Let`s say 7.

— It`s more than a half, but still – why it is not 10?

— Because of the corruption. A minister doesn`t pay for electricity, he pays nothing. He has no taxes, but still he has a good salary. We have one man, who has a company. So the company has no taxes, too. It is like a country works for a government.

— Is there a chance for improving this situation?

— A corruption? Yes. Last year we had such situation – we knew that this minister owned milk and water companies, so the whole country agreed not to buy any products from his companies.

— You are so united!

— It should be like this.

— I have an interesting question for you: where are the most beautiful girls – in Morocco or in Ukraine?

— (Laughs) In Ukraine. It is a female country.

— Build a route for a tourist in your country.

— Marrakesh – Tangier – Agadir. Especially Agadir, there the most beautiful beaches with the Atlantic sea. Just don`t go to Casablanca.

— Is this expensive country?

— No, I can compare it to Ukraine.

— Can you tell me an interesting fact, which I would never find on Internet about your country?

— The person, the pop, who makes a wedding can`t be female, it can be just man. Why? Because 😉

Then, my interviewee added that when a man meets a woman his first question is “Can you cook?”, but I`m still not sure whether it was just joke or a holy truth.

If you liked this kind of article, about interesting countries and traveling – let me know and I will keep fulfilling this new branch of Lina Writes.

Be based on the best of available information, thanks for your attention.

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